Getting Ready for 2017

2016 has been a big year for me.  I experienced some “I’m proud of myself” moments, some moments when sheer terror was trying to cripple my steps, and other moments with emotions in-between.  As I reflect back, I realize that it has been an alignment year, the final touches on the “Now” season that is upon so many of us (see August’s article, The Timing of the Lord).

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Back to the Basics: The Simplicity of His Love

We all know that our most basic and profound need is love and to be loved right?! “Yep, that is right,” you say.  Yet, if I asked you these basic questions what would your response to be?:

  • How do you receive love best from the Lord? 
  • What does the Lord love and like about you?
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Does God speak in dreams? A Testimony.

I have a testimony and I can hardly wait to share it with you!  In April or May of 2010 I had one of those God dreams that you can’t escape.  It went like this: I am riding in the backseat of either Bill (my boss) or Brad’s (co-worker) black Volvo.  We are riding across the top of a grassy hill when the car stops and they get out.  As they do the car starts to head down a grassy hill, out of control.

The One Percent

Several years back, scientists told us that there is only a 1.23% difference between the DNA of a man and a chimpanzee. More recently, National Geographic reports that humans may be closer linked to orangutans than chimps. Let’s say for a moment that this is true. The only thing separating you and King Louie from the Jungle Book is around a 1% difference in DNA.

The Timing of the Lord

The writer of Ecclesiastes lays out for us a crucial topic to take note of: from birth to death and every season in between – season’s change!  While most of us are probably able to recognize the shift from the dying of fall, to the harsh cold winter, into flourishing spring, and through the summer heat, most of us (myself included) have the hardest time allowing things to end, or die, if you will, so that God can establish a new pattern for our lives.

The Dynamics of Generous Leadership

Generous leadership is the liberal and open-handed use of personal influence to enhance the capacity and purpose of others. A generous leader makes room for the development and advancement of other people. Generous leaders recognize the glimmer of greatness in someone else and respond to the capacity they possess.

The Process of a Promise

Abraham was 75 when he first received this promise from the Lord. After ten years, there is no sign of fulfillment in sight. At this point, Abraham takes matters into his own hands and sleeps with his wife’s maidservant, Hagar. This creates a whole mess of problems.

Transition: The End of Active Labor

When God comes to a life in power it should always leave us with hope and expectancy for what is to come.  The prophet Isaiah likens it to a barren woman who is about to give birth.  When the baby comes, everything changes! 

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